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Why are we more then just an Old Folks Home

- Activities that keep the mind and body fit. 


- Spacious house and garden for daily walks and nature immersion.

- Regular doctor reviews and health checks.

​- Trained carers and certified nurses.

- In-home physiotherapy.

- Rehabilitation: post-stroke, post-op, frailty.

- Online medical family conferencing. 

"...the home looked at health holistically: balancing comfort and care, and support independence and rehabilitation... they're not calculative... gave opportunities to do things my father enjoys like gardening... care from a geriatric specialist doctor...takes time to explain and discuss for the best care...great value for money..."

-Li Faye

".... the staff in the home keep my mother occupied with games, cards etc. to help with her anxiety... I personally like the precision of the doctor, the attentive and care from the staff, the cosy environment of the home and the engagement of the doctor with the family members..."

-Kooi Hoon

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