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What started our old folks home

Angsana Home is the passion project of a UK nursing home doctor who returned to her hometown Penang to start a elderly care home with a heart.  Angsana puts the best interest of the residents first.

We aim

To provide a happier and more fulfilling life experience for our elderly residents.

To provide peace of mind for our residents' loved ones

To attract and retain employees who care about making a difference in our residents' lives.

Angsana Old Folks Home and Nursing Home Rehabiltation


We respect our residents' wish to be in control of their lives, and work in partnership with them and their familes to achieve the best outcome


Our staff are trained to put themselves in the shoes of our residents, and their approach to care starts from here.


Our training ethos and policies respectand value both our residents and our staff. This sense of worth permeates our intereactis and engenders care as a communitiy. This is what makes someone go that extra step

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