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Residential and nursig care
Angsana Old Folks Home and Nursing Home
Residential & nursing care

  • Help with activities of living

  • Nursing care: wound management, tracheostomy and par enteral feeding care.

  • Regular doctor’s review: diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease

  • Professional care for these conditions: stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, cancer, kidney and heart failure...etc



  • Improves recovery from operations and frailty.

  • Prevents physical and psycho-social complications after an acute illness

  • Medical assessment and personal care plans involving multidisciplinary team to optimize function and independence

  • Train home carers to adapt to care needs of loved ones when they eventually return home

Respite care
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Respite Care

  • Someone you can trust to take over the helm while you take a break and re-charge

  • From a few hours to a few days a week, to a holiday break period.

  • Access to physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Foreign retirees and elderly with children overseas

Foreign retirees and elderly with children overseas

  • With 15 years experience in the UK, our doctor specialises in care for the elderly (Geriatric) in a holistically manner and  in partnership with our residents and family, as is seen in our ethics and value.

  • ​We understand the stress of and barriers to caring for your loved ones from a distance. We like to keep communication going online for the benefit of the resident as well as your peace of mind.

Medcal consultation

Medical Consultation

Our specialist doctor in geriatrics and palliative care will proactively monitor our residents, and share management plan decisions with family.

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